“ZE”: queer as fuck!

Michelle Lunicke, Michelle/Ryan "Ze": queer as fuck!

A riotous romp about sex, gender, and one queer’s parade of identities on the way to pride.

Coming to venues in Australia & New Zealand in 2017!

“Journeys its audience through a world of labels unlike ever before.”– Montreal Rampage (Canada)

“Bring[s] new insights and comedy to well-trod subjects that renders the material compelling.” – Now Toronto (Canada)

“Intelligent, thought provoking, highly entertaining, educational.” – Out in Perth. (Australia)

“Transcends ideas about what it means to be queer.” – The Queer Av (Australia)

“A raw and incredibly intimate journey…compulsory viewing…it may well change your life.” – Theatreview (New Zealand)

“The affirmation you didn’t know you needed.” – Mooney on Theatre (Canada)

“Zir message extends to everyone. We all have our own unique labels and should be proud to own them. – Review Vancouver (Canada)

More reviews below.

by Philip Goad

Want to know a little more?

“ZE”: QUEER AS FUCK! is a one-person, genderqueer, kinky, femmesexual, polyminded, gay-divorcee PRIDE parade through the real life of Michelle/Ryan. “Ze” (the pronoun most commonly used by gender non-conforming folk) rips the bandage away from zir startling American Puritan upbringing in a multi-layered “coming out” process. Along the way ze discovers a beloved community that at times is just as ridiculous and pigeon-holed as the one ze’s left. Michelle/Ryan both uses and parodies the labels meant to help an individual embrace their truth in a modern world desperate for definition. “Ze” confronts stereotypes both within and without in a celebration that exposes the complex tension between being authentic to oneself and belonging.

I hope to see you there!



P.S. A little update….(October ’16), So many other projects have sprung from this one. I hope you will check them out too.

Living Statue Work: The Rainbow Androgyne

TWU; an lgbtqi story bank

LATEST WORK: I’m an Apache Attack Helicopter (link coming!)I'm an Apache Attack Helicopter. by Michelle/Ryan

Upcoming 2017 Tour links:

January 2017 Whangarei dates: to be announced!

February/March 2017 Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin dates: to be announced!

Previous Tours with Reviews 2016:Goad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!

January 24-February 21 at FRINGE WORLD 2016 in Perth, Australia (reviews)

February 25-March 8 at Adelaide Fringe 2016 (not one damn reviewer printed anything.)

March 12-13 at Dunedin Fringe Festival 2016, NZ (reviews)

April 23-24 in Whangarei, NZ (only in print)

May 12-14, 18-20 in Auckland, NZ (reviews)

June 29-July 9 at Toronto Fringe Festival 2016, Canada (reviews)

September 8-18 at Vancouver Fringe Festival, Canada (reviews)

September 24 at the Rendezvous in Seattle, USA

September 30-October 2 at Come Inside: a sex & culture theater festival, Portland, OR, USA …..and here’s the festival site!

Reviews for “Ze”:


Nominated for “Best Comedy” at Fringe World 2016Goad Studio, Michell Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!

“This is an intelligent, thought provoking, highly entertaining and wouldn’t you know it, educational performance…..I hope each and every one of you see it. If only to have a crash course on Gender and Sexual identity and the slow reveal of defining and redefining who you are as you explore the dialogue that happens between your heart, head and nether regions. 4.5 stars!”

-Rachel Discrimination, Out in Perth


“Leave your binary beliefs, your ideals about monogamy and your stereotyping at the door, because you’re about to get totally (queer) mindfucked.”

“lives up to the name and description, surpasses it by miles in fact.”

“Ze”: Queer as F*ck! is a show that transcends ideas about what it means to be queer. The stories told and ideas presented have the ability to unite people, regardless of identity (or lack of), into a mindset of understanding and acceptance of the diversity that exists in all of us. It will educate you, it will challenge you, but most importantly it will leave you with a sense of wanting to understand your own sexuality and gender on a level you never thought possible.”

“The honesty and talent beaming from this performance is not something  to be missed this Fringe season; I urge you to see this show and experience the journey for yourself.”

-the Queer Av


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New Zealand:

Goad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!“This is a raw and passionate odyssey through confusion, labels, rejection, a desperate seeking and redefining of identity.”

“Ze”: queer as f*ck! is one human on a tiny stage opening hir heart and life for the audience to see their own selves through.

“The humour is bold, fun and completely honest and the physical humour is by far the best.”

– Kimberly Buchan, theatrereview.org.nz


“I doubt you’ll ever see “Ze”: Queer As Fuck! performed on stage at the Civic but perhaps it should be. If it was it would suggest that our society had progressed to a point where theatre of this nature was no longer necessary.”.

“Carefully planned, splendidly executed, and subtly directed”

“A beautifully tuned and toned voice with actor training and actor equipment to die for. Michelle/Ryan is a performer who, while exposing zir life to us in its most intimate detail, also shows that ze could play any role, anywhere in the repertoire.”

“Ze”: Queer As Fuck! is an exceptional piece of work anchored by a performance by as talented an Goad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!actor as you will see currently on any stage in the country. It’s a raw and incredibly intimate journey that should be compulsory viewing for the fainthearted, the timid, the binary-obsessed, the religiously-driven and those Bachelor-watching New Zealanders who anonymously express their red-neckery in the comments section of every news article that has the audacity to suggest that transgender New Zealanders have a right to exist. Check it out, you’ll see I’m onto it.”

“If you have the courage and the tenacity to see this work and experience it, it may well change your life.”

-Lexie Matheson, theatreview.org.nz


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Canada, Toronto:

Winner of comedy award: “Best Use of Awkward Silence” Toronto Fringe 2016Goad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!

“Entertaining, compelling, brings new insights and comedy to well-trod subjects.”

-Jonathon Goldsbie, Now Toronto


“Beyond the usual tropes of angry queers and vulgarities. Beyond being shocking and educational, “Ze” was validating. It lays the groundwork to start discussing and breaking down the gender binary. For other genderqueer people, it can be the affirmation you didn’t know you needed.”

-Mariah Ramsawakh, Mooney on Theatre


“Ze is charming, hilarious, flirtatious, and not at all shy, and manages to portray an array of colourful characters.”

“mesmerizing, playful, incredibly satisfying to watch.”Philip Goad Ze

-Lisa McKeown My Entertainment World


“This show journeys its audience through a world of labels unlike ever before.”

“Warm and welcoming and refraining from preaching politics, Lunicke shares zerself with an audience in a way that may leave a few spectators feeling permission to do the same.”

-Julie Santini, Montreal Rampage


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Canada, Vancouver:

Winner 3rd “Artistic Risk Award” at Vancouver Fringe 2016Goad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!

“Amidst the political minefield of gender and identity politics, Lunicke’s voice is nothing but pure, personal, and honest to the point of nakedness. Lunicke’s life as presented in “Ze” is a journey from sexual repression to sexual acceptance, from society into the self, and from clarity to confusion and back.”

-Mattias Martens, Plank Magazine


“a captivating one-hour monologue comprised of song, storytelling, comedy and theatre”

“While ze spoke to a certain subset of society, I believe zir message extends to everyone. We all have our own unique labels and should be proud to own them.

-Darren Cordeiro, Review Vancouver


“Lunicke’s reminiscence filled me with a giddy sense of liberation, and gratitude that the solo artist is using the Fringe to break new ground in terms of content. ….There’s a pot of gold at the end of that road… I left the theatre with a smile on my face.”

– Colin Thomas, Georgia StraightGoad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!


“immediately draws you in with [zir] openness and flexibility….a terrific energetic performer who wants to guide the audience to a new level of understanding by challenging your perceptions of gender.”

“through all the laughs and sober moments there was a real feeling of togetherness in the end.”

-Elaine and Russ Miranda, Miranda Posse fringe blog


“a strong personal tale of how isolating these discoveries are when queer communities exclude folks who have more than one queer aspect to their identity.”

“the show shares a fascinating journey, Michelle/Ryan is engaging throughout, this was a fantastic use of the spirit of Fringe to tell a personal tale.”

“Very worth seeing.”

-Syren Artistry, fringe blog


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2 responses to ““ZE”: queer as fuck!

  1. Saw your show in Perth tonight. Loved it. May the rest of your shows be filled with more lovely audiences and less flushing toilets.

  2. I was fortunate to make it to a smaller, more intimate showing for my first experience. I didn’t have specific expectations, but I did have high enthusiasm for whatever might happen and I found that it was not only met, but exceeded. Even as a queer person for whom the subject matter wasn’t really new, there were stories in the show that hadn’t been part of my own experience, and I came away from it with a lot more than I had entered into it with. The content was lovely, the pace and path masterfully done. My favorite part was probably that the entire show had a progress and gentle return to the beginning in a way that was very reflective of the way people themselves discover and integrate, revisiting familiar things with new perspectives.

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