Statue-ing: The Rainbow Androgyne

This past year I have picked up busking as a living statue and it is now one of my favourite things to do. Developed as a way to promote my show, I find it does so much more than that, including being a very political act.

not the best photo of it

not the best photo of it, I look pouty.

I call my character The Rainbow Androgyne.

They stand in the glory of all of their queer awards and accomplishments, having been praised for many differing stereotypes (the colours in the queer symbology), and yet beneath that, they are all spectrum (white) and first and foremost there is a question mark over their crotch. (A comment on the obsession with trans genitalia.)

They are inviting you to accept them, to see them, and possibly to embrace them, without knowing “what” they are.

If you take a flyer or drop a coin, they come to life, and look into your eyes as they shake your hand, letting you know you’ve made a friend. You now know someone like them.

*       *        *        *


no paint because parade

In this way my job becomes very simple, it is just to be visible. I can be witnessed without words of defense or explanation. I exist. And all kinds of conversations happen in front of or at me that I don’t owe anything to.

I always post on Twitter about where I will be in any given day and try to statue during performance festivals as much as possible. See the feed on the right (or follow me!) to know where I’m up on a box on a street or in a park near you.

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