Hypergraphia: the installation

hypergraphia, michelle lunicke

Desperation to make:

I ended my first self-produced show in a serious production hangover. It ended. There was no one on the phone or in email to help me put it back up anywhere else anytime soon. I was desperate to make something.

I have always wanted to try busking a little more formally. I have made various pieces of performance art before and even been involved in guerrilla style street art. (flash mobs? I wish.) One of the art forms I have always admired is graffiti. Besides all the political implications behind tagging, some of the small, medium, and large mural-sized pieces are visually stunning and the fact that they often don’t have permission speaks to how much people in that given place need creative expression.

(I promised myself I wouldn’t get into an entire blog post about that here.)

hypergraphia, michelle lunicke

First installation, Hypergraphia: Sydney: vulnerability

Creative Fast-Food without the calories:

I wanted to do something as immediate and accessible and creative as graffiti, but legally, and using my skills.  So…I invented a new style of busking that I had a fun time explaining at the Sydney city office. It’s an installation I call HYPERGRAPHIA based on the psychological disorder that compels some people with neuro-atypical brains to write everything, obsessively and without censorship. (I mean writing-on-the-shower-curtains level compulsive.)

Theme/Place Specific:

I pick a theme appropriate to every location. At the bustling “no-time-for-you” Queen Victoria Building square in downtown Sydney I went with my post-show feeling…”vulnerability.” I write for an hour, without stopping or planning, in chalk, on the street. It’s usually huge.

hypergraphia, sydney, michelle lunicke

Me on my knees, writing out my harrowing poetic soul.

It was entirely successful and fulfilling, and fabulous to watch people really engage with what I wrote as well as what I was busy writing…live, in front of them, for all to see. Now I do this as often as I can in a large populated area. So far I have done 4 installations (including 1 by commission) and will be adding more.

hypergraphia, sydney, michelle lunicke

Sydney span

Follow Me:

I will try to post where and when I do these on my

“Upcoming Events” part of the page as well as twitter and facebook (more likely). It is one of the most vibrant and fulfilling parts of my artistic life, and is free for everyone, artist and non-artist alike.

hypergraphia, sydney, michelle lunicke

a little bite

hypergraphia, sydney, michelle lunicke

another little bite

hypergraphia, matariki, whangarei

Hypergraphia: Matariki installation at Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei, NZ

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