shadow. Michelle Lunicke

This is the part of the site where webpage owners of all stripes, wish deeply that someone with intimate knowledge about the whole of the host’s life, would glean the needful important aspects, and speak articulately and boldly about the host’s accomplishments.

Instead those hosts write such a paragraph for themselves in third person. I’m no better.

(ze/zir are preferred gender neutral pronouns, they/them are also acceptable.)

Michelle/Ryan is the production company name for interdisciplinary artist Ren Lunicke (pronounced Loo-nick-uh). “Michelle/Ryan” expresses the feminine and masculine elements present in this genderqueer artist and the role of either, both, and neither inherent in the challenge of being non-binary in a binary culture.

Michelle and Ryan were two birth name options chosen for zir based on binary assumptions about sex and gender. This is one of many themes of categorization, isolation, connection, consolidation, reclamation, belonging, and healing that Ren (Lunicke) makes art about.

Ze also publishes as “Michelle Lunicke” and “Ryan Lunicke” respectively.

Ren is originally from Cascadia and has been writing and performing poems and stories, singing, making messes with various visual arts mediums, and creating drama since ze was cute enough that people didn’t care if it was actually good. Most of zir peers grew out of it. Ze did not.

Ze is a primarily a word based artist that uses a variety of mediums and artistic languages to create experience with zir audience. Zir genres include fiction and non-fiction, poetry, performance art, film, theatre, stand-up comedy, and storytelling in areas of  autobiography, fantasy, science fiction, and magic realism.

The goal of all of zir art is to break through the isolation of individual human experience to a profound connection with oneself, another, the environment, a community, and the divine. Ze is a happy myth-maker and liver.

Some of zir role models and influences include Ivan Coyote, Rae Spoon, Kate Bornstein, Eve Ensler, Miranda July, Charlie Todd,  Marina Abramovic, David Antin, Kidd Pivot, and Kris Grey aka Justin Credible (as well as countless friends who are sharing the journey).

Ze is grateful to a great number of inspiring friends and loved ones who have encouraged and supported zir in this vocation, without whom this would not be possible.