“Ze” Energy

About to go.

I’m doing this post for Wellington and Auckland, but part of me is in Perth. Last year I opened “Ze”: queer as fuck! there, and proceeded to do as many performances as humanly possible in 6 weeks.

By the end some people had seen it 4 times.

I have a strong principle that if you’re willing to spend a second hour watching me say the same things and doing the same silly scenes, you get in for free. I think it’s fair to say I have fans there, and friends, and I miss them. But I live in New Zealand, and for a variety of very good reasons, I am heading to Wellington instead with “Ze.”

Friends with Kids.

“Ze”: queer as fuck! has become one of my very best friends. Shows can get that way when you know them well, and “Ze” and I have been on over 70 dates around Australia, Canada, the U.S., and now New Zealand. As I pack the last of my things to head out…it’s a murder scene on the living room floor of its parts. Even the feather boa is like intestines strewn about….the sex digests.

Goad Studio, Michelle Lunicke, "Ze": queer as fuck!

The show is a young adult now. It’s energetic, over its whiny rebellious phase, but still a little punk, a little “fuck yes,” a little “bring it bitches.” Ze’s like a dom at the party hunting for fresh blood, and once they find it, they surprise themselves at just how much they can still feel. It’s absolutely intoxicating to be with, and I can feel this energy coming already like a bolt of power and confidence (even if my partner’s been over-feeding me lately. And I’m no Gaga.)



I’ve been caring for a new baby recently. I’m an Apache Helicopter is still spitting up over everything…I’ve had no doula. It’s a clumsy baby, and I don’t really know how we feel about each other yet. It’s trying so so hard to be funny, and gets angry when no one laughs at its 5 year old jokes. Anger does not make friends. It’s starting out like all people who eventually use humour to win people over….socially awkward and trying to live up to its older intense sibling who seems to fall ass backwards into luck (not true but I understand why it feels that way). Poor thing.

So…I’m taking my children…the adult one, and the baby one….to Wellington. IAAAH’s never done this before, and is less ready than “Ze” was, less old. The only reason I’m letting them leave the house is because Ze’s got this. Ze’s carrying them and promises to introduce IAAAH to their friends.

Ahhhhh…artisthood. You do the best you can.

I’m sure IAAAH will find its way in the next few months, once they stop trying to be funny and just connect with people. They’re pretty funny really in an awkward, desperate, but loving, sincere, and even clever way…the exact opposite of their aggressive blunt image.


by Virginia Guy

I hope so, I’m making permanent plans for it in hopes it lands with a bit more time and patience. But if it doesn’t, I will still love it. None of my art-children happen without considerable thought.

(In case I’ve lost you, I’m still talking about my shows.)


But oh, I am so so tired. Thank goodness for this burst of energy. I’ve barely slept. I’m eating what’s in front of me. My relationships are taking a real beating. Most of the time I feel like I prepare to show these children off more than spend time with them.


Ironically, it’s with people that they shine, even with an introvert behind them (moi). Maybe this is why I do this…to connect in a way I have trouble with when I don’t have a stage…to share the things that we are most frightened to say without creating a horribly uncomfortable intimacy dynamic. If stage is my way…so be it. At least I have a convention I can use, and evidently a severely high need.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that a genderqueer person who is all over the gender spectrum, should also be all over the social spectrum. I’m also a Gemini…while we are entertaining things that people believe about themselves in the absence of current factual evidence.

When it all works, I feel more proud than anything I have ever done in my life. So here’s to Wellington, Auckland, my strong adult, and my new baby. May I be gentle with them both, and may Wellington enjoy them in whatever ways they can, and me.

…..or some such crap.poop-glitter

See you soon.

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