NEW Project Announcement: “I’m from Up Over”

ozI’m going to Australia!!!

By April 23rd, I’ll be in April 24th (on the other side of the date line). I’ll try to let you North Americans know how tomorrow looks when I get there.

This trip is the culmination of a lot of things brewing for me. In brief, it represents a cutting of ties to my 9-5 existence and willingness to commit to writing and art-making full-time. Over the past 10 years I have written a number of plays, poems, stories, and essays. I’ve created performance art, and helped others to produce theirs. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m turning 30 this year, or the alignment of the stars, but I’ve learned that in life, as in myth “The hero only takes the adventure he [she] is ready for.” – Joseph Campbell

With this, I would like to announce a number of goings-on that will be happening here on the blog.

1) NEW PLAY: I’m from Up Over

Most Americans and Canadians have not been to Australia. (It’s so far!) Yet Australians seems to travel A TON! Like most countries they get a lot of media imported from the United States, and they actually have a lot in common with the USA and Canada. They are a relatively young country. They have a pretty horrific history of colonization and ongoing issues with the indigenous Peoples. They are children of England (the naughty ones) and in Canada’s case, they have that whole commonwealth thing going on.

I am writing a new multimedia play about my experiences “down under” and it’s starting HERE. These last few months I’ve made notes on the miniscule amount of information I grew up with about Australia. The stereotypes are just coming out of the woodwork folks. Crocodile Dundee, Rescuers Down Under, and the latest…Finding Nemo. (I genuinely did not know what the Great Barrier Reef was NOT anywhere near Sydney. It would take a clown fish a heck of a lot longer to get there than a few days.) I expect my ignorances to be challenged, and I’m ok exposing them. My hope is that by opening the conversation over and over again, I can shed a little bit  of light on how Aussies and North Americans are really alike (and different.)

This play will be written partly in an improvisational ensemble style and I expect to perform pieces of it as it develops before it becomes a full play. Follow the play with any of the “ifuo” tags or performance category.

2) I NEED YOUR HELP: Play With Me Project: Down Under

While the play building process will be ongoing with me in Australia, I want to engage my non-Aussie readers to contribute their experiences, limited as they may be, of or about Australia. I will be sending out regular calls for types of information under the category play with me.  I would like to encourage you to post a comment, or email me a longer story, send me a funny picture, and just generally respond to my shout-outs for YOUR Aussie-info. Disclaimer: some of your information may be used in my play, but you will either be credited, or remain anonymous, however you wish. I’m a big fan of collaborative art, and this play is about bringing the continents together. Thanks to the internet, this is all possible. Stay tuned to posts tagged “ifuo,” and in the category play with me.

oz33) Travel, Travel, Travel

Travel opens me up in a way nothing else does. It lets me see the edges of myself where I am able to isolate some of my characteristics that are responses to my very specific cultural and geographical environment. As my friend Paula says (and I’m sure she got it from somewhere else, but I can’t remember where) “you can’t NOT be in relationship.” We are all at least in part, made up of what we are surrounded by. For those of you interested in my general musings about my travels over the next 6 months to a year in Australia, New Zealand, and……? follow the category travel.

That’s it for now folks! In the future I will have these things split into separate blog posts for RSS ease.

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